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Wedding Photographer Matt Atherton

Choosing your wedding photographer is arguably one of the most important decisions you will make when arranging your Wedding!


You spend months, possibly years planning your day. When the big day arrives, adrenaline kicks in and time speeds up. Before you know it ,the Jäger Bombs are drank, cake eaten, and that friend of yours has finally been removed from the water fountain (we all have one).  

Weddings are expensive. Money gets spent on all of these different things like donut walls and chocolate fountains and they come and go (sorry chocolate fountain guys). When the day is done and dusted, all that you will have is your photos and memories. So these are the things that need to be right for you!

So how do you choose a photographer/videographer? Well, everyone looks for a style they like. One of the main things that is often overlooked but massively important to consider is does the photographers values and priorities match your own? Well to help you decide if I am right for you, here is a bit about my style . . . . .

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Candid, Natural and Fun!

I think some of the best photos, are when people are acting natural and don't know the camera is on them. 

I am probably around 90% a wedding documentary photographer. This simply means capturing your day as it naturally unfolds. Nothing posed or staged. It is my favourite way to shoot!


Some parts of the day, I just blend into the background and let people just enjoy themselves. Other times of the day, I get in the think of the action, having fun with the guests. If they see me having fun, relaxed and not taking myself too seriously, it helps them to relax and do the same. By the end of the night, I'll probably be on the dance floor with you lot, camera in hand.

If you're looking for stiff and formal photographer, it's not me. If you guys have a sense of humour, fantastic! Let it out and let's have a good time capturing it. I love to see people just let go of their inhibitions and just enjoy themselves! I do my best to help people have fun, relax and most importantly, just be themselves. 

Dramatic and Epic

I am not a massive fan of posing couples for hours on end. For me, natural photos look great, and allow you more time with your loved ones actually enjoying the day!


But, let's face it, your going to look amazing on your wedding day! So if you fancy it, let's grab some time to get away from the hustle and bustle and get some beautiful portraits of you. 

I love sunsets! So this is my preferred time to do this (weather dependant). That said, even if it rains, if you are brave enough we can get some awesome shots in the rain that will surely make the Facebook friends envious of how amazing your day looks. 


Not a fan of posing? Don't worry! I keep the posing as simple as possible, again trying to go for something more natural.


Really nervous about posing or the camera. Don't worry! Some couples like to book the pre-wedding shoot as its a chance to have get used to the camera. With no pressure, I can run through some easy shots that we can do, we can have a laugh and settle any camera nerves. At the end of it, you will have some nice photos on the build up to the wedding. 


Natural, Bright and Colourful

I like photos bright, bold and colourful. Natural, with some punch!


I don't add the latest filter or preset. Don't get me wrong, I like some instagram filters, but I think some look terrible.


My theory is that photos taken in the right settings with nice light, and the colours that naturally pop not only look good, but will stand the test of time much better than the latest trendy filter. 

 So am I the right photographer for you? If you like the sound of all of the above then quite possibly yes. If we meet, you will find that I am pretty chilled and not one of these photographers that come with an ego. For me, its really nice when some of my clients and their family/friends who are really nervous in front of the camera come over and tell me how they felt relaxed in front of me and my camera, and actually enjoyed it! People who tell me they literally hate photos have told me this. 


I try my best to balance the day with some romantic sections (if thats what you want), but also fun bits. People having a laugh, a cry, the kids having fun, people letting go on the dance floor. I want to capture the range of emotions to tell the story of the whole day.

If you like what you see, check out my prices. If you are happy with them, get in touch below to see if I am still free on your date. 

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