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Family shoot pregnancy gender reveal photo.jpg

Hi . . . I'm Matt

I'm an award winning photographer and videographer based in Cheshire in the Northwest of England. I spend a lot of my time in the Lake District and Wales and travel all over the UK. Having done weddings in some of the top venues all over the UK, as well as Cyprus and even the Caribbean. 

Having recently lost Rogue (dog with me in this photo), I know how essential it is to have photographs. These moments, they go by so fast. I was devastated when she passed, she was like my shadow, and my furry best friend! I am so grateful now that I have some fantastic photos of her that I can always look back on and remember.

I understand the importance of getting my job right for any of my clients. For me, it's an honour to be able to document people's lives and memories, special moments that they can treasure now, show off as a focal piece of wall art, and also share with future generations. 

I love capturing our stories, so that we may live forever.

Not your average photographer!

Some people often tell me I'm mad, they tell me what I can't do. If I listened to them, I wouldn't have half of the amazing photos I have now. Hell, I probably wouldn't even be a photographer!

I will climb mountains with 20+kg of camera gear, put on my thickest wetsuit and get in the icy-cold UK waters for best part of the winter days. I will do whatever it takes to get that next amazing shot! The shot that no-one else has achieved.  

If you have something you're passionate about, just do it. Ignore the ney-sayers and do what makes you happy. 

If you're a Bride or Groom that wants an epic shot on a mountain or under the stars thats not just a photoshop job, then you have found the right guy!

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