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Wedding Videographer

I go for that cinematic look by taking all of the best bits of your day making them into an amazing wedding film. 


My first wedding was doing video actually. Starting with my GoPro at a friends wedding! I loved how I could get access to all areas and had the best view in the house throughout the day! But what I loved the most was the reaction from the video. Bringing back the emotion. Seeing people laugh and cry. All the time, effort and love i'd put into the video was worth it. The film was a hit! Then before I knew it, I was being asked to do one for other friends. It just all went from there.


These days the GoPro is retired! I use some of the best professional camera, lighting and sound equipment that is currently on the market. It's that good, I know some of the guys filming for Netflix are using the same. 

Check out some of my trailers below or get in touch if you would like to see a full film.

I try to balance it out with some romantic sections, but also fun bits. People having a laugh, a cry, the kids having fun, people letting go on the dance floor. I want to capture the range of emotions and tell the story of your day.

Even if you are just looking for video, if you have not already, have a read of my photography page also. I talk more there about my style, the look I go for and my values as a photographer. These all transfer over into my videography. 

Otherwise check out my prices, and if you would like me to come and film your special day get in touch below to see if I am still free on your day.

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